Thread Garden


An innovative and unique Indoor Display Tourism Project Located by the side of North Lake Road, opposite the Boat House in Ooty, is a marvel of creation, the Artificial Plant Kingdom – The Thread Garden. A magnificent display of flowers, plants and lawns fabricated entirely from thread, canvas and wire awaits you here at the Thread Garden, Ooty!


A stunning spectacle to behold, it is the end result of the untiring work of nearly 12 Years of Mr. Antony Joseph and an enthusiastic group of workers. Absolutely everything is done by hand and no machinery or needle is used at any stage. Many artificial models of plants and flowers, creepers, climbers, lawns, lotus ponds etc. are kept in the most natural ambience.The whole creation is made using our self invented technology of ‘Four Dimensional hand-wound Embroidery’, unknown hitherto without needles or machinery. Developed and perfected through many scientific and artistic observations and experiments and consuming thread measuring a mind boggling 60 million metres in length, Thread Garden is made challenging a machine like perfection with the skillful effort of 50 specially trained artists.


“Scientific and artistic views ”
This unique art of creating natural looking plants and flowers makes use of self developed techniques under the “Hand-wound Embroidery system” without needles or machinery with specially selected and developed materials. All parts of a plant such as flower petals, leaves and stems are fully wound with thread using a shaped canvas bases inside for flowers and leaves and steel and copper wires for stems with keen concentration coupled with patience, keeping a machine made perfection, avoiding any overlapping or knots or gaps between the windings.


Kerala, the God’s own county is acclaimed for its flora in variety and abundance. Thread garden juxtaposes its artificial embroidered pieces and affixes its imprint as more perfect and attractive than natural flora. The garden enjoys the monopoly of the top attraction with its innovative aesthetic creation, since there is no similar one to compare or to compete. In all respects, thread garden can be pre rated as the most successful man – made art creation of in the world. Today the ‘Thread Garden’ gives immense pleasure as well as a pleasant surprise to thousands of tourists from all over the world. Tourists adore this millennium miracle and once seen, the memory will not willingly let it pale.


Making artificial pieces of flora look natural, is the real challenge! Thread garden is a success story of this formidable challenge. Creation of each piece of art is an imaginative expression of nature, either as it is, or in a permutation of forms, light, shades and patterns. As an artistic creation par-excellence challenging the human imagination, it occupies the position of a unique and innovative miracle in this era. We cordially invite promoters or sponsors for promoting this unique indoor display tourism programme permanently or provisionally in the international level.


“The special features of our artifacts “
Thread Garden brings to you an amazing range of artifacts that can be made using this technique! Plants, Flowers, Bouquets, Butterflies, birds, wall hangings, name boards …You will be left wondering. Flowers – an awesome range of them – are our specialty!