Ooty Stone House is one of the most important historic monuments of Ooty. Unofficially it was from the Ooty Stone House that the modernization of Ooty began. This is the first house to be constructed in Ooty. History of â??modernâ?? Ooty begins when the Collector of Coimbatore, John Sullivan, commissioned Keys and Mc Mahon, to survey and explore the place. Neither of them was ready for the visual treat lying before their eyes and not long after that Sullivan himself undertook an expedition to further explore the Ghats in the Ooty side.


Finding the place quite habitable and, maybe foreseeing the potential of the place as a tourist destination, he built the first English house in Ooty which is known as the Stone House and even today is one of the most famous tourist destinations. To increase the accessibility of Ooty to the outside world, the English undertook several initial development activities like lying of the roads and clearing forests and so on. In a way it all started with the building of the Stone House.


The Stone house is located in a very picturesque location in Ooty and a visit there will definitely not be a waste of your time, though many of you will agree that there far better places to see in and around Ooty. Tourists visit the place in heavy numbers every year and it has grown into a wonderful tourist destination. But currently the Stone House is the official residence of the Principal of Government Arts College, Ooty, certainly a befitting resident to the house which has a rich and colorful history.