The Government Rose Garden located in the heart of Ooty is one of the largest rose gardens in India and also a popular tourist attraction. The beautiful garden is spread across 10 acres of land and houses some of the largest collections of roses in the country including miniature roses, hybrid tea roses, floribunda, ramblers, black and green roses and many other unique varieties. The Rose Garden is not only a delight for the eyes and the senses but also a must-visit for those interested in horticulture.


Opening Closing Time
8:30 am to 6 pm (Daily)
Entrance Fee
Rs 20 per person, Rs 30 extra for a still camera and Rs 75 extra for a video camera


The pride of Ooty lies in the Rose Garden, which belongs to an elite club of 35 rose gardens around the world which has won the Garden of Excellence Award for South Asia from the World Federation of Rose Societies. Containing more than twenty thousand variety of roses the Rose Garden is one of the most beautiful and well maintained gardens you find the country, or perhaps, the world. The climate of Ooty is ideal for the plants to have a long blooming season.


The chilly weather and adequate monsoon makes it possible for the flowers to have a long flowering season. The Rose Garden is thronged by thousands of tourists year after year. Definitely one of the â??must seeâ?? places in Ooty, it was initially started to commemorate the centenary Flower Show at the Botanical Gardens. Maintained by the Government of Tamil Nadu, the garden is arranged into five curving terraces covering four hectares. If you are a photography enthusiast, the place is a visual treat with the flowers arranged in different forms and shapes to capture your imagination.


The first look at the garden gives you the impression that a lot of pain and hard work has gone behind the development of the garden, as it has roses bought all the way from different parts of the world. You even find very rare exotic roses and also roses having strange colors like black and green. The setting sun and the multitude of roses around you make a perfect setting for a romantic evening with your beloved. Donâ??t miss the chance is all that we can say.