Ooty Lake Overview

The Ooty lake is an artificial lake that stretches behind the Bus stand and forms and irregular “L” shape. It is about 2.75 km in length and 100-140 m in width. It was artificially formed by John Sullivan, the founder of Ooty by damming the streams that flowed through Ooty.┬áThe lake originally extended to the present day market area and ferries were used to travel from one side to the other. Eventually, the lake shrunk in size leaving behind an open space which is now used at the bus stand and the mini garden.


The Boat House at Ooty lake

At the far end of the Ooty lake is the Boat House where all kinds of boats are available for hire. The lake is surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees and is a scenic delight. People interested in photography can get some amazing shots here. In the month of May, boat races and pageantry are organized here which attracts a huge crowd from all over the country. At the end of the Boathouse, there is a children’s park with a toy train. Outside the Boathouse local ponies are available for a short joyride.